top things to do in the sahara desert in libya
Top Things to Do in the Sahara Desert in Libya The Sahara Desert is one of the largest deserts in the world and makes up a large portion of Libya, Tunisia and Morocco in Northern Africa. When visiting Libya it’s worth taking a few days to explore what the desert has to offer from fantastic camel trekking experiences to seeing dormant volcanoes and spectacular lakes. Waw Al Namus Waw Al...
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Top Hotels in Tripoli, Libya
Top Hotels in Tripoli, Libya You may think because you’re heading to Libya you are going to be faced with old run down and dusty hotels, believe me this is not the case. In fact Tripoli alone is home to some of the most luxurious hotels on offer, all four and five star establishments offering modern amenities and luxurious pampering. Corinthia Tripoli Hotel This five star hotel boasts luxury overlooking...
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The Major Cities to Visit in Libya
The Major Cities to Visit in Libya Libya is a beautiful country set in Northern Africa on the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Not only does this country offer spectacular sights, a wealth of natural beauty and an experience to remember, but it is rich in history and culture, all of which you can experience as you travel through the country and visit some of the major cities. Tripoli Tripoli...
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