The Best Shopping Experiences in Libya

The Best Shopping Experiences in Libya

When you think of shopping vacations you immediately think of the Champs-Elysees of Paris, Oxford Street in London and Rodeo Drive in Hollywood. You’ll be amazed the fantastic shopping opportunities you can find in Libya, a North African country filled with beauty, history and culture.

Yes you could go to one of the known shopping areas, but will you be able to incorporate a visit to a Roman village or a chance to see some of the most beautiful natural beauty in the world? What about the chance to ride a camel in the desert?

Souks - Tripoli


The souks in Libya are traditional markets and are an experience to remember. You can buy great items at the busy souks from perfumes and clothing to leather goods and jewelry. Libya is well-known for its affordable leather items from fantastic handbags to clothing and the stall owners are always ready to barter.

The great thing about the souks is that you find them in the Medina, or old town, which is an experience on its own with narrow passages and spectacular architecture. You can’t miss the souk, it’s a hive of activity, filled with bright colors and fantastic items to buy for gifts or souvenirs.

City Shopping

Once you’ve explored the souks you can head to the main streets of Benghazi or Tripoli for great late night shopping. The majority of shops in the city centers close around 11pm, though they are closed early on a Friday for religious reasons, so it’s important you bear this in mind.

Once in the city you will find all the modern day shops and boutiques you would expect anywhere else in the world with spectacular items to buy and explore. You can easily spend a day or more searching the shops and buying great items to take home with you.

Most tourists that have heard of Libya or have visited her shores are familiar with the capital city of Tripoli. Tripoli is famous for its cosmopolitan society, its ancient medina, and the historically significant mosques which line the city’s skies, but another pivotal reason that Tripoli is popular is because of its shopping.

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