Top Libyan Cities to Visit

Top Libyan Cities to Visit

Libya is a beautiful country found in Northern Africa set on the Mediterranean Sea and enjoying a wonderful warm climate. Libya offers natural beauty, spectacular attractions and sights and a chance to soak up history and culture.

There are four Libyan cities that are worth visiting if you’re planning a Libyan holiday.


Misrata is located to the east of Tripoli and is lined with the most stunning coastal areas and fantastic shopping opportunities. Whether you just want to take a stroll and breathe in the fresh sea air or you want to buy souvenirs for home, Misrata is where you need to visit.


Tripoli is both the capital city and the largest city in Libya and is popular with both holiday makers and business travelers. Here you will find the most luxurious hotels, superior sights and a chance to soak up the history of this interesting country.

Visit the Medina, or old town, where you can wander through the narrow passageways and shop at the bustling souks (traditional markets). Spend an afternoon exploring the very popular Red Castle Museum with a number of fantastic exhibitions or spend some time gazing at the beauty of the Tripoli Cathedral.


Bengazi is a Mediterranean Sea port and the second largest city in Libya where you will find a number of spectacular sights and attractions from the Medina complete with narrow passages, market areas and traditional architecture to the beauty and tranquility to the zoological gardens. Be sure to visit Berenice where you can explore the Roman and Greek ruins and the Al Monar Royal Palace, a sight that shouldn’t be missed.


Tobruk was a port city for an ancient Greek colony, it was home to a Roman fortress and then became a caravan route. This area has seen a lot and therefore is rich in history, it was even a military post during World War II and the biggest draw card in the area is the war cemeteries which are visited by holiday makers from around the world.

Top Libyan Cities to Visit

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