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*The Libyan tourism industry has ground to a halt.

Libyaadventures estimates the small yet flourishing tourism industry has suffered a setback of at least Eleven years. The development of large new resorts and hotels has slowed or stopped completely, particularly in Tripoli, where NATO airstrikes have been a regular occurrence. In eastern Libya fighting in the early weeks of the conflict left many cities and towns heavily damaged.

Amidst this chaotic situation and tragic loss of life, Libyaadventures sees several signs which give us hope for the future. The irreplaceable ruins of Roman and Greek cities found along the Mediterranean coast, such as Leptis Magna and Cyrene, have been spared from the fighting, and remain in pristine condition.

When the conflict ends and the tourism industry begins to recover, the extraordinary natural features of the Libyan desert will have been untouched. Sights such as Green Mountain, the Ubari Sand Sea, and the Rock Art of the Acacus Mountains are unlike any others in the world, and we expect tourists will be eager to travel to them once again. Additionally, prices will be far lower for travelers once the conflict has ended.

we are optimistic for the future of the Libyan tourism industry and the country itself.

While this conflict has had repercussions within Libya and around the world, the future is bright for Libyans and tourists alike.

Visa Information:

Tourist visas can be applied for by anyone traveling to Libya for tourism purposes. The tourist visa is a 30 day single entry visa into Libya. The current visas are applicable only in the northern regions of Libya; travelers may not visit the Southern desert regions. Passports containing Israeli visa stamps are not allowed to visit Libya. Independent travel in Libya is still prohibited. You must be associated with a travel company.

How do I get a visa for Libya?

Sample of the Tourist Travel Requirements

In order to apply for a tourist visa Libya Adventures needs:

  • All travellers entering Libya require a translation in Arabic by an authorized Libyan agent.
  • Applying for tourist visa via the Libyan embassy
  • The applicant’s actual passport. The passport must:
  • Be valid for six months beyond exit date
  • Have two blank facing visa pages
  • Photograph(s)
  • Dates of proposed travel
  • Tour itinerary from our company
  • A completed visa application form (see below)
  • Visa reference number (this is shown in your “visa approval”, as explained below)

Visa are applied for 7 – 10 days before arrival in Libya and will be collected at the airport. Libya Adventures will send you a scanned copy of the visa 2 – 3 days before arrival in Libya.

Passport Registration:

Our visa price also includes passport registration (required by law) your Guide will register your Passport(s) within 7 days after arrival.

Download Libya Visa Application Form PDF

A copy of tourist visa approval

libya tourist visa on arrival

Libyan tourist entry visa

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