Top Things to do in Tripoli

Top Things to do in Tripoli

Tripoli is not only the capital city of Libya, it is also the largest and chances are you will stop in Tripoli wherever you are travelling to in Libya. Being such a popular tourist destination, there are a number of sights and attractions in Tripoli you shouldn’t miss.

The House of Yusuf Karmanli is a private house of the former ruler which has been converted into a museum, giving you a glimpse into the traditional design of homes in the area both inside and out.

When visiting the city you must try and stop in at the Red Castle Museum, one of the major highlights spanning over 13,000 square meters with a number of galleries.


The Tripoli Medina is an absolute must if you want a truly traditional Libyan experience. The Medina is the old town complete with spectacular architecture, narrow passages and covered alleys. You can see the mosques, explore the buildings and soak up the beauty of the old town.

Red Castle Museum

The Red Castle Museum is one of the most visited sites in Libya and home to some of the most spectacular artefacts. This is a chance to really soak up the history and culture of the area with a number of floors and wings to explore.

Libyans pick dates at a market in the center of the capital Tripoli, as the faithful prepare for the start of the Muslim holy fasting month of Ramadan.


The souks are traditional markets which are found within the Medina walls and whether you’re looking for some souvenirs or you just want to explore what is on offer, these are the places to shop. You can find a host of items at the stalls from jewelry to leather goods and perfumes to pottery. There is an electrical atmosphere and the souks are always busy. Be sure to have your bartering hat ready, the stall owner will expect some negotiation.

Tripoli Zoo

The Tripoli Zoo is another favored tourist attraction with a host of animals in various exhibits. This is a popular attraction for both tourist and locals as children run around with delight. It’s a welcome break from sightseeing as you can wander around the large zoo and see all the animals on display.

Tripoli also offers some of the most luxurious and prestigious hotels in Libya, from five class luxury to third star affordability, this is definitely a place to visit when next in Libya.

Tripoli Zoo

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