Travel Tips for Libya

Travel Tips for Libya

Libya is a wonderful country in Northern Africa and visitors are learning that this country has so much to offer from the beautiful dunes of the Sahara Desert to the stretches of shore line and a number of archaeological sites.

The best way to explore Libya is with a reputable and knowledgeable tour operator that can offer you a complete Libyan experience package. Travelling on your own is possible, but not a popular choice. A tour operator on the other hand can ensure you stay in top quality hotels, you see the best sites, you learn about the history and culture and they will handle all your paperwork which is needed when traveling within this magnificent country.

A wonderful picture with Tuareg people


All the major cities in Libya have an airport with a majority of them having car rental agencies where you can hire a car if you prefer. Remember that car rentals should be booked in the larger cities and when driving in Libya only purchase petrol at the main petrol filling stations and not from a vendor on the side of the road.


There are no trains in Libya, but in the cities the taxi and public bus services are reliable and affordable.

Libya Tripoli Leptis Magna Roman archaeological site. – UNESCO site.

What You Need to Know

For women travelers it’s important you understand that Libya is an Islamic country which means you need to respect their culture and beliefs. Women should dress modestly and not wear shorts, bathing suits or cut off vests when out in public. Pack some long dresses, skirts, cool cotton shirts that cover your shoulders and long trousers. Stay away from the low necklines.

At the airport be sure you haven’t brought in anything from Israel. Alcohol, pork and processed meats are also not allowed. Take the time to know what you can and cannot bring with you to avoid frustration when getting through customs.

Use cash wherever possible as not everywhere in Libya accepts card. Currency exchange can be found at the top hotels and major airports.

A very important tip that can avoid you being arrested by Libyan authorities is to keep your camera in your bag when passing any military border crossings. Traveling with a tour operator you have less chance of making a mistake and they will be able to ensure you enjoy a safe and memorable holiday experience.

Welcome to Libya

Libya is an ancient crossroads of civilisations

Libya located in North Africa is a favored tourist attraction. This area offers spectacular historical sites, wonderful traditional markets and a host of tourist attractions from beautiful scenery

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