The Best Tripoli Attractions Tripoli – Libya The city was known as Oea in ancient times and was one of the original cities (along with Sabratha and Leptis Magna) that formed the African Tripolis, or Tripolitania. Occupying a rocky promontory overlooking the sea and located due south of Sicily. The city was founded by the Phoenicians and later controlled by the Romans (146 BCE until about 450 CE), the Vandals...
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The Best Experience Camel Trekking in Libya Libya is increasing in popularity with tourists from around the world. After a controversial history, which is now behind her, this North African country is welcoming tourists to its unspoiled beaches, and superb historical experiences. From the bustling city of Tripoli to the magnificent coastal areas, Libya offers tourists a host of exploration possibilities. One of the biggest attractions that Libya has to...
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The Best 3 Business Travel Hotels in Libya
The Best 3 Business Travel Hotels in Libya Tripoli is the capital of Libya and the business hub of this North African country. The city welcomes thousands of business travelers each year and has a choice of superior business hotels, each one ideally located to the city center to ensure you can get to your business meetings with ease. Corinthia Hotel The Corinthia Hotel is a luxurious hotel in the...
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The Beautiful Tadrart Acacus Rock Art 10,000 years Ago
The Beautiful Tadrart Acacus Rock Art 10,000 years Ago The Sahara keeps one of the great legacies of humanity. In almost all its extension, there are numerous samples of paintings and engravings from the Upper Palaeolithic, the Neolithic, and the Bronze Age. The cave Tadrart Acacus rock art in the Sahara is, along with its landscapes and the Tuareg culture, the great excuse to travel to the depths of this...
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