Visiting Germa Libya

Visiting Germa Libya

Germa is a popular tourist attraction in Libya. Set on the northern side of the Sahara Desert, Germa is an interesting archaeological site.

Today Germa is filled with well-preserved ruins, but back in its day it was the capital of the Garamantes. What is so beautiful about the area is how the ruins blend in with their surroundings. While the area remains an active archaeological site, it is an interesting place to visit. Be sure to stop at the museum as new items are added on a daily basis.

Libya’s natural beauty.

Two kilometers outside Germa you’ll find Zichera and Garama, both offer great historical sites with homes, ancient forms and burial sites. Zichera also offers the most spectacular views of the local area, a chance to just stand back and be mesmerized by Libya’s natural beauty.

There is also a natural spring which makes its way through the city. Years ago it was a lake brimming with water, but now it’s dried up. It’s interesting to see and gives you an idea of what the area must have looked like all those years ago.

As I mentioned before the Germa Museum is a must when in the area.

The museum isn’t big, but it’s unique and is home to all the items they find while excavating, which means new items are added on an almost daily basis. You can see a selection of rock art, stone works and costumes.

Germa is easy to access by car though I would recommend using a tour operator who has knowledge of the area and is able to show you all the attractions to ensure you don’t miss any important parts of what the area has to offer.

Libya is alive with historical sites and culture and Germa is just one of the historical sites you don’t want to skip when traveling through this magnificent country.

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