Spending Time in Gharyan

Spending Time in Gharyan

Gharyan is a village located in the Nafousa Mountains in north west Libya. While the area doesn’t offer much it is home to spectacular troglodyte caves, which is a major tourist attraction for the area.

Only one hundred kilometers from Tripoli, about an hours drive to the south you will find Gharyan and if you want to experience true Berber living, this is the place to visit. Similar to Matmata, the homes are dug into rocky ground which is different and unique in every way.

The Berbers built their homes this way as it offers superior insulation, keeping them cool in the hot summer months. The homes are built like caves, each room separated by a passage.

The advantage to Gharyan is that you can visit the homes, see some traditional rooms and see how these people really live. It’s a great experience for anyone visiting Libya and looking to really soak up some of the culture of the country.


As you arrive in Gharyan you will find a host of stalls along the roadside selling the most amazing pottery items. It’s definitely worth stopping and strolling around the stalls, while the locals don’t speak much English they are able to communicate and barter, making it such a fun experience for everyone.

Spending Time in Gharyan
Gharyan homes

The house is located in Gharyan. The house is a cave with several rooms opening into an open courtyard. One house is accessed by descending down a tunneled passageway leading to a large circular pit. The house is decorated in Traditional berber culture decorations.

All the rooms are caves.

They serve breakfast and diner.

What’s nearby
Gharyan is located in Nafousa Mountain, about 100 km south of the capital Tripoli, and just before Yefren. Its famous troglodyte caves are a major attraction for tourists.

Experience New Things


When visiting Libya, you will visit all the major sites, explore the natural beauty and soak up the history and culture of the area. It’s enjoyable to experience new things and see how other people live in Libya and Gharyan is one of the areas that can offer you this experience.


The troglodytes draw thousands of visitors each year, the way these cave homes are built are spectacular and if you are in Tripoli and have a day to spare, spending an hour in the car to experience this area is well worth it, you will not be disappointed. Be sure to check it out on your next Libya tour!


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