Some Useful Travel Tips When Visiting Libya

Some Useful Travel Tips When Visiting Libya

Libya is a great destination in Northern Africa offering visitors an opportunity to explore the beautiful golden dunes of the Sahara Desert, enjoy a relaxing day on the beach or visiting a choice of UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

Many visitors choose a tour operator when visiting Libya, independent travel is scarce and when traveling with an organized tour you get to see the top sites, your hotels are taken care of and you can travel on a tight budget. Your tour operator will also be able to assist with any paperwork requirements to ensure you can travel through the country with ease.


Airports can be found in the major cities and it is at these airports where you can find car rentals if required. Car rentals can also be found in some of the larger cities, though be aware when driving yourself not to be fooled and purchase petrol off the side of the road from a road vendor.

There is no train service in Libya, but the major cities do benefit from a good taxi service for inside the city limits.

Some Useful Travel Tips When Visiting Libya
Tripoli – Martyrs Square

Other Considerations

It is very important that women travelers respect the country and it’s culture and beliefs. Libya is mainly Islamic which means women travelers need to dress modestly, no shorts, vests or bathing suits while out and about. Be sure to pack some long cotton trousers, skirts and cool cotton shirts that cover your shoulders without a low neck line.

When you arrive at the airport be sure you don’t have anything on you from Israel also ensure you are not carrying any alcoholic beverages, pork or processed meats.

Currency exchange is available at all the major airports and hotels, card is not widely accepted in Libya so carrying cash is the easiest way to get to explore and buy the things you want while visiting.

Lastly when traveling through Libya do not take photographs of the military border points, this is a complete no no and can leave you in serious trouble with authorities. As I said before it is a better option to travel with an organized tour who can ensure you see the sights with ease, book your accommodation with you and advise you as you travel through this beautiful country.

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