4 Great Tripoli Sites

4 Great Tripoli Sites

When traveling to Libya chances are you will arrive in Tripoli and then move on to the area you are staying in. If you are in Tripoli for only a day or two, there are a few sights and attractions you shouldn’t leave off your “to see” list.

Red Castle

Red Castle is probably one of the most visited sites in Tripoli. Set in a waterfront location, the Red Castle is a masterpiece. You can explore the outside of the castle and soak up the architecture before venturing inside which is home to the national museum where you can explore an abundance of artefacts.

4 Great Tripoli Sites
Red Castle-Tripoli-Libya

The Museum of Assaraya Alhamra

You can find this museum in the Tripoli Castle and this is where you can find all the cultural and historical artefacts relating to Libya from Roman statues to Berber items and paintings to carvings. This is a great way to soak up some of Libya’s history and culture in one afternoon.

4 Great Tripoli Sites
Roman mosaic dating from the 2nd century AD, from the Villa of the Nile at Leptis Magna, The Museum of Assaraya Alhamra, Tripoli-Libya

The Medina

Visiting the Tripoli Medina is an absolute must even if you are only in the city for one day. The Medina is the old town and is complete with narrow passages, historical buildings and traditional architecture. Do some shopping at the souks (traditional markets) where you can buy a choice of jewelry, leather items, perfumes, pottery and carpets.

4 Great Tripoli Sites


If you only have a few hours in Tripoli, you may want to visit the traditional hammam, which is a public bath. Here you can be pampered, scrubbed and steamed so when you leave you feel refreshed. Remember that Libya is an Islamic country so there may be different hammams for men and women or some of the hammams may have different opening hours for men and women.

Martyr’s Square

Martry’s Square is a highlight in Tripoli and even though by day it is now a large car park you can still wander around and see the beauty of the buildings surrounding the square. During festivals and holidays the square becomes a fairground filled with excitement and fun.

4 Great Tripoli Sites
Martyr’s Square, Tripoli-Libya

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