Benghazi – Eastern Libya

Benghazi – Eastern Libya

Benghazi is the second largest Libyan city and is located on the edge of the Mediterranean Sea. The city was founded by the Greeks in 525BC. The modern area lies just south west of the Greek city and was founded in 446BC.

The area was rebuilt after World War II and is a magnificent city which is surrounded by sea and desert. This is a very popular tourist attraction which enjoys a semi-arid climate and a host of sights and attractions for you to experience while visiting Libya.

Things to See and Do in Benghazi

Benghazi - Eastern Libya
Benghazi – Libya

The Zoological Garden is one of the favored tourist attractions in the area. This park doubles as a zoo and theme park complete with wild cats, birds, elephants and another wild life with a small theme park for the children to enjoy.

The Atiq Mosque is the oldest mosque in the city and offers breathtaking architecture. While it is a used mosque and you cannot enter. You can enjoy the beauty of the outside of this magnificent structure.

Wander around Al Manar Royal Palace, this is the first campus of the University of Libya and was donated to the University by the King. The building has been kept in excellent condition, so you can walk around and soak up the history of this beautiful building.

You really should visit the Old Lighthouse which can be found in the Old City. This is a massive tower which was once used to protect the boats out to sea.

From Freedom Square you can easily access the Old City where you will find the souks, bustling traditional markets filled with aroma and bright colors. It’s here you will also find the Thaqafi Museum, a residential architectural museum enabling you to soak up some of the history of this magnificent city.

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