A Libyan Shopping Experience 2024

A Libyan Shopping Experience

A Libyan Shopping Experience 2023
Tripoli – Libya: Medina, metal workers

Libya is a popular North African tourist destination. This country is hugged by the Mediterranean Sea and the Sahara Desert offering tourist a selection of historical sights and experiences to be enjoyed.

Shopping in Libya is an adventure on its own from the traditional souks in the Medinas to the top shopping streets in the bustling cities. You are guaranteed to find amazing traditional items and souvenirs to take home with you.

Traditional Souks

The souks are found in the Medinas, the old towns, across the country. These old towns are often walled and complete with winding passages and covered alleys alive with fragrant aromas of perfume and bustling stalls.

Most of the souks sell a range of fantastic Libyan items from magnificent traditional jewelry to perfumes and leather goods. Be ready to bater though, bartering is expected here, so getting your bargaining hat on can enable you to walk away with some great deals.

Main Shopping Streets

Tripoli and Benghazi are the main cities in Libya and both have central shopping areas and streets where you can buy just about anything from books and souvenirs to clothing. You will find traditional clothing and brand name items in the main shopping areas. The advantage is that these areas offer late night shopping, the shops stay open until around 11pm on most nights.

Bear in mind that many of the shops close from 1.30pm to 4pm daily, they also close early on a Friday, usually around noon.

A Libyan Shopping Experience 2023
Tripoli: bridal shop, medina

Shopping Opportunities

From the small and quaint seaside villages to the busy cities, Libya has a choice of shopping opportunities for all travelers. Whether you are looking for souvenirs to take home or a new clothing item, you can find them here. From presents for family and friends back home or to take a piece of your Libyan adventure home with you, the souks and high streets have great items for you to choose from.

A Libyan Shopping Experience 2023

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