Libya country

Libya country

It is important to know that one hundred percent of Libya Country is Muslim. When visiting this country you should respect their culture, do not drink alcohol except in your resort or a restaurant which serves alcohol and women should ensure they dress modestly when walking around the cities and towns, and keep your bathing suit and shorts for at the beach or your hotel pool area.

The advantage to Libya is that they enjoy wonderfully warm summers and mild winters, making it a top tourist destination throughout the year. A valid passport and visa is required when entering the country.

Libya country

The easiest way to visit the country is by using a reputable tour company that can ensure that you abide by all the required regulations and meet the strict requirements set out there. One of these is that all visitors must report to the police station and register themselves within a week of arrival, your tour operator will do this for you.

Getting Around
Mitiga international airport in Libya and chances are that you will arrive here and then move on to your destination using Libyan Airlines. There are airports in all the major cities, so getting around is very easy.

Libya country

There is no train system in Libya, but there is a good public bus network and rental cars are available at the airports, major cities and top hotels. Of course driving in a foreign country can be rather stressful, which is another reason why travelling using a tour operator can leave you relaxed and enjoying your Libyan experience.

Using Credit Cards and Cash
ATM cards are widely accepted in Tripoli at all the major shops and hotels, but once you go into the remote areas you will want to carry cash, this is also the only way to buy all your souvenirs at the souks, the traditional markets which you will find in the old towns.

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Libya Country

Libya is a beautiful country located in northern Africa. This is a country filled with natural beauty, historical sites and an abundance of cultural experiences for travelers from around the world.

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